About Us

About Us

Who We Are?

Shabazz Global Security is a member of a global fraternity of personal protection security providers. We deliver a superior level of service through a commitment to client service, training, staff recruitment, advanced technology, quality assurance and a global network of highly trained men and women. We guarantee international standards of probability and accountability, combined with the best of public and private sector expertise.

We are extremely eager to meet client expectations, and no other security provider can match our Unique Value Propositions, these being

  • Full accountability and auditability of the security services provided.
  • Proven crisis response and management arrangements.
  • Clear, mutually established service levels and standards with key performance indicators.
  • The highest standards of discretion and ethics expected from a protective services agency that has been involved in the most sensitive security areas.
About Us

Mission & Vision


We intend to be the principal provider of efficient, cost-effective & reliable protective security services. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality protective security services that:

  • Utilize well-trained, uninformed and undercover protective guards.
  • Contribute to the security of the key assets and interests, and support the achievement of our clients' business objectives.
  • Form a network of support for the client and their invited guests.
  • Prioritize attendee and staff safety at all events.

These missions will be accomplished through an honest and sincere approach with our employees and clients.


Shabazz Global Security intends to be the principal provider of efficient, cost-effective and reliable protective security services for, and on behalf of, private individuals, families, small businesses, and corporations.

We want to satisfy your individual security needs through providing a complete range of quality security products and services. We can objectively advise you of the threats and risks your organization faces, as well as appropriate counter-measures and risk reduction strategies. In so doing, we provide a complete advisory, training, operations and Enforcement capability. This "one-stop security shop" concept enables you to meet your security needs in a much more integrated and cost-effective manner.


Security for the Corporate Community

A 1996 review of security practices determined that there is a selection of important and sensitive corporate protective security work that should continue to be performed by a protective services agency. This forms our core business and includes responsibility for security at:

  • Surveillance and counter surveillance.
  • The residences of business leaders, private individuals and celebrity clientele.
  • Charity events, autograph sessions, book signing, film locations, press conferences and media events.
  • Hotel Security.

In addition to our core work, we provide a comprehensive range of quality security services for other clients where there is either a domestic interest or, for international private sector clients, where we have spare capacity.


Certification and Accreditation

Shabazz Global Security is qualified Personal Protection Specialists (PPS); they are former members of the military and are subject to external audits by various branches of law enforcement. We currently have certifications in California, Michigan and Georgia.


What You Can Expect When You Work with Us

An ancient Chinese general once said,

“Safety is not the safety of one day,
nor is danger the danger of one day.
Both safety and danger come from gradual development.”

Our primary goal is to develop a long term working relationship with clients who are serious about protecting their privacy, loved ones, assets and business interests. We seek to attain a high degree of performance and professional excellence without compromising honesty, personal integrity and confidentiality.

Maintaining a trusting relationship with clients is very important. It is our intention to provide a professional and refined security presence in every aspect of the client's’ daily environment.

We provide total security solutions, which will enable people from all walks of life to function effectively in all environments.

Preparation is critical. The safety of our clients is not just another job. You can feel secure in the knowledge that your well-being in under the close observation, and management, of Special Forces operatives who will conduct themselves professionally and discreetly according to the cultural, political and religious environments in which they are required to work which speaks of our commitment to our clients. In our business there is no room for error. No second chances.

Hopefully our knowledge of global events and competitive advantage will earn your business, your respect and ultimately, your trust.


A Committed and Skilled Team

Our agents are among the most carefully selected and highly trained security personnel in the nation and, with our dedication to detail and client needs, offer your organization a unique level of service that cannot be matched by other providers who all too often post the ubiquitous "security guard" with a clip board who sits there and occasionally looks up when people approach them.

In preparation for a career in personal protection services and meeting the special needs of the various clienteles, Shabazz Global Security recruits must pass an extensive weeklong training course before becoming probationary officers. Our recruit training aims to furnish officers with a wide range of background knowledge and applicable skills, including:

  • Principles of protective security, and investigations
  • Conflict resolution (Diffusing Aggressive Behavior)
  • Escort procedures
  • Crowd control, Patrolling and Reporting
  • Use of force techniques including firearms, non-lethal self-defense techniques
  • First aid
  • Bomb safety, search and recognition
  • Search procedures
  • Evasive driving techniques
  • Customer focus and Public Relations
  • Cross-cultural awareness and client-specific training
  • Operational Procedures

We monitor worldwide developments in protective security in order to set training and performance standards in line with best international practices. All of our officers receive supplementary, job-specific training relating to their local work environment, as well as on going refresher training and testing.

Skilled personnel conduct further training in specialist areas, such as bomb appraisal, corporate aircraft security, urban terrorism and the handling of explosive detection canines with K-9 services, in-house.